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  1. yosoymonica says:

    Just fell asleep to this-not sure if that makes sense given the content. We’ll talk about it but Vertical Pupils is a rocket into what seems like the rhythms that would be in between my tissues, my white and red blood cells. It also has a factory feeling and at the same time a child initiation melody. In-school is compiled of beautiful transitions like 1:22 min- 1:43min, and 1:51 min- 2:20 min and continue. The 15th second in the 2nd min i love. Haha just breakin’ it down over here. Hmmm…ethnographic stomps surrounding swamps in outerspace.

    • jeremiahjaer says:

      it’s okay cuz i fell asleep on your txt hah, but thanks for digging those tracks. yea we’ll talk about it more cuz i want to hear what you think overall. as i was making this i was trying uncover my own vibrations and attempt to make songs about the rediscovering of the spirit, dreams, childhood, fears, love, and other fun stuff. its an experiment that i want people to kinda stumble upon, i think your my first listener! again thanks for listening golden child! Hotep!

  2. […] Jae just posted up this free EP which is made up of some dope experimental beats. Tipped off by Flying Lotus on […]

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