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INTERVIEW W/ T R E of SmokeHouse Music

Interview W/ T.R.E**
JAERBLOG: so hows it going?
TRE: it’s going good, haha.
JB: whats so funny?
T: life is really.
JB: true, what can you take seriously now a days?
T: 2012.
JB: what do you think will happen.
T: i don’t think anything is going to happen, but for a few people it might be the end of the world. but i hope to be singing dancing and sipping margaritas. haha
JB: haha, your a funny guy.
T: you gotta be funny in these times, you can’t take yourself too seriously. people are sooo stress out.
JB: yeah man.
T: its everywhere. in times like these the only thing that goes up are crime rates. when i get stress out i like to swim with mermaids.
JB: me too. what is your musical atmosphere composed of?
T: Mars, James Brown, Fried Chicken Wing, Hummus, Modelo’s, Books, Current TV, ghost lions.
JB: Ghost lions? What kind of crack are you smoking.
T: the best. that’s how i make the music that i do on the toilet. i get my best inspirations. feels like i’m shiting on the world. with music. but we all know that out of shit comes manure and out of manure comes growth, and through growth, comes more food to be eaten and shat out again.
JB: that is an interesting metaphor. i get were your going. you’re currently in a group with Projeck, and JaeR, called Young Black Preachers. What statement if any, are you trying to make with your music.
T: its hard because as in artist you try to compact many different statements at a time. but if i had to give one concise statement for YBP, it would be inner freedom. freedom to hear all the different sounds of your life, strung together perfectly over the symphony of time. and i hope to keep evolving like the planet and its inhabitants.


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