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Not your Average Joe..

Joe Perry was born, November 8, 1985 in Los Angeles, California.

Before I really got into hip hop and making beats, I took a trip to visit my first cousins who lived in the Inland Empire, in southern California. My cousin Joe, who is the oldest of my four cousins, was rapping in a group called the Mindz at the time, and also making beats for the group. He put together a little mini-disc of instrumentals that he made and played them to me for the first time in my cousin Jake’s room. I remember the very first track he played and thought to my self, “this is what this is all about?… Damn! This shit is CRAZY!”. In less than 1 minute and 20 seconds of listening to a chopped up looped sample, mixed over a lively drum pattern, I looked a my cousin and saw a real producer. At my age, which was about 14, this was a phenomenon because my perception of hip hop was so limited. About a year later I got news that Joe was moving to Chicago to work on some music and put out a CD. When he came he started working, yet had a big change of plans with the group that was recording him and moved in with me at my grandmother house on the south side.
I had fruity loops set up in my basement, and had been making quite a lot of music, and when Joe moved in, we began to share the computer so he could make some music as well. There were many late nights I would chill on the coach while he was making a beat, and would be bugging out on how many sound directions he would take on layering tracks. This was about winter of 06, and from that time to summer, we had both filled the computer with music and it eventually broke down. Yet in that time frame I learned that, Joe is not your Average! Hearing Joe spit a freestyle rap is like listening to a really really really great emcees’ written rap. Now add one of Joe’s beats over that, and you would be zoned the F*** out, as they say in Cali. Jonuts, a beautifully crafted J Dilla tribute album by Joe, that has yet to have been released, is one of the many diamonds you’ll find hidden amongst stacks of beats CD’s scattered throughout our grandmother’s basement.
I don’t really know anyone like Joe, who carries so much love, emotion, dignity, and respect for all sides of life, yet will knock a n*gga out if he even slightly disrespects or comes too close to the fam. And in listening to his music for the first time, you will automatically get the humor in the name Average Joe, because he is not your average, DUH!! His music speaks much louder than words and even louder than the light skin, 6 foot, California native, which is Average Joe aka Money Parks aka J Freck, and that’s LOUD!!! Get familiar!!

The Thumper – Average Joe


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