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Aaron Butler aka Projeck projeck
If its your first time in Chicago, I reccomend skipping all the boring tourist sights on michigan avenue, all the overrated trendy spots on state street, forget finding true and interesting things on milwaukee ave and so on. Yes F*** all that, and come straight to the south side!! For resting in the lovely neighborhoods of the south shore district, you will find Projeck. Having known P all my life, and having spent many of my days chillin at his crib, (smokehouse) I must put his spot, and him on blast as the foundation for a legendary movement. Born Aaron Butler, June 16, 1989, Projeck and I share way more than both being geminis. We both picked up producing around the same time, and fell deep in love with the artform. So who is this guy? Most people can check out his myspace page and find out all you need to know about the seriousness entwined within his hard hitting drum beats, or soulful samples that have been chopped and/or flipped into classic melodies that will have you humming all day. Basically, Projeck is a name that you should become familar with and a force that might be intimidating at first glance, yet once you see the heart of this man, it will surely inspire.
Oh and don’t take pictures!!

Where To Go – Projeck


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