hotep, and welcome to the JAE R blog…

I know it’s been long over due, but…

Hotep! Peace! At this time I wanna say peace to all my people across the ways.. All my MIAD people much love and keep doing ya thing. All my friends here and there that i’veshared experiences with. To the people who I’ve lost contact with or haven’t seen in a minute, hey and much love! To my family, all love! To my band of brothers in the YellowmasK/SmokeHouse circle, MUCH love and let us continue to grow as Jah’s creations, “you kno we keep it real & never fake”. To my girl Love Ra, love ya and keep doing you! M.U.T.A.N.T 4 life, one day we will rise! This is the JAE R Blog. jae-r-blog1

For those who dont know me, which is a lot i’m sure, I go by JAE R, Jeremiah Jae, Crash (if you spot me in milwaukee), or just Jeremy. I’m a visual artist as well as a musician/producer representing YellowMask Ent/SmokeHouse, and myself. I was born and raised in Chicago at the beautiful date of 6/7/89. My father, Robert Irving III, played, composed, and produced for legendary jazz musician Miles Davis, and my mother Morrisine Irving was blessed with a beautiful singing voice, which left me with a little of all that shit, and less.. But more importantly it set in me a drive to create, as a human being should. So i create beats, art, sometimes movies, raps, poetry, and things of that nature. So therefore I created this blog so I can reach out to people and vice versa, and share my creations, as well as my thoughts, my teammates creations, things i find interesting, information and a lot more stuff. I really dont plan things at all, so BE it!

– Jae


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