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Ramellzee & Toxic C1 1983 Edited by Jean-Michel Basquiat



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M.I.A gave birth last Wednesday to a boy. You ah beautiful Momma! mia

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!CHICAGO NEWS! Dirty Politicians Jump Out Your Seat!

I know i haven’t posted in a minute. I’ve been pretty sick for the last few days and really just getting rest. But we hear! Still moving towards the future in a broke as car bumping classic material!
I’m not at all into politics, yet when it comes to the corrupt leading the people into unnecessary struggles, I feel, as well as my comrade the NEED to bite back. The political environment in Illinois need to be wash out like a lemonade detox, as well as corruption and sins abroad.
University of Illinois recently took a box score toted by political scientists at the at Chicago and found that there have been 1,000 public officials and businessmen convicted of public corruption in Illinois since 1970, including three governors, 19 Cook County judges and 30 Chicago City Council members. So who allows the powers at be to BE??! is it We? is it he or she? But like I said, I’m not big on politics, but I am huge on truth. Ask questions!
– Jae

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Keith Haring Documentary

THE UNIVERSE OF KEITH HARING by Christina Clausenkeith-haringHOTEP

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I really want to do some music with Joaquin now…

Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman

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Sound Scapes…

purim_flora_butterfly_101b2Purim Flora – Butterflyben_jorge_forcabrut_102b1Ben Jorge – Forcabrut
artensemble_chicongo_101b1Art Ensemble of Chicago

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I didn’t see all of the Grammys but Thom snapped on this!

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YM TV: F.A.B.L.E Interview

Projeck sits down with my man FAB to chat about upcoming endeavors.

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jazz cats come one.. give it up to my father on the keys..

jf1005HOTEP! So i wanted to share some of my own history wit ya’ll. My father, Robert “Baabe” Irving III is a jazz pianist, composer, artist, and was also a long running collaborator with the late Miles Davis.

The Miles Davis Collaboration

A native of Chicago, Irving was one of a group of young Chicago musicians who in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s formed the nucleus of Miles’ recording and touring bands. It was Irving’s composition “Space” (performed by him and his talented Chicago-based group) that captured Davis’ interest. That led to Miles inviting him and the Chicago musicians to New York in 1979 for his first recording sessions in several years. As it turned out, Irving’s music served as the impetus and motivation for the jazz great to resume his largely dormant (1974 to 1979) musical journey. Miles used the sound and direction as a catalyst to propel himself into the last phase of his life and career (1979 to 1991).

The fruits of these sessions were included on the 1981 album, The Man With the Horn, the first recording Davis had released in six years. The title track, “The Man With the Horn,” was written and arranged by Irving, who also co-wrote and arranged another track titled “Shout.” In 1983 Davis invited Irving to work as composer, keyboard player, arranger and co-producer for the sessions that resulted in the album Decoy. He also invited Irving to join his touring band, where he remained for five years, holding the keyboard chair and assuming the role of music director. In the latter role, Irving was responsible for musical arrangements, rehearsals (which Davis never attended) and musical liaison between Davis and group members that included jazz lions such as John Scofield, Bill Evans, Mike Stern, Kenny Garrett and Darryl Jones. In the musical director role, Irving listened to recordings of each night’s performance with Davis to cull spontaneous creative ideas that then became a permanent part of the group’s musical arrangements.

In addition to Decoy, Irving collaborated with Davis (as composer, producer and arranger) on the 1985 recording, You’re Under Arrest. The album included Grammy-nominated covers of “Time After Time” and “Human Nature.” While working on the material for You’re Under Arrest, Irving added to his arranging credentials by studying with Gil Evans, who decades earlier had arranged some of Davis’ most celebrated recordings. Later, Irving and Miles extended this musical direction on projects such as Irving’s film score for Street Smart, which starred Morgan Freeman in his first Oscar-nominated performance. Those sessions featured Miles Davis on trumpet.

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